[Voicemail received in September of 2017 about a wedding captured in September of 2004.]
“We came over to watch the girls for Kendy and Gary so they could go to Omaha for their anniversary, and she was saying that just last night they watched the video of their wedding that you took . . . and she was just saying she was overwhelmed, saying how beautiful it was, how wonderful it was to look back at people that aren't here anymore, hear what they had to say – and [I’m] just calling to say thanks.”

Susan Brouse, mother of the bride


“Kevin and I watched the video last night and are seriously at a loss for words. We absolutely loved it and were teary eyed and laughing the entire time. I can’t wait to watch it again, and I’m so thankful that we have this and can watch it whenever we want. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your hard work on it. It is something we will treasure forever! ”

. . . Anna (Mrs. Kevin) Smith, Tacoma, WA


“It’s the most romantic, perfect, fairytale capture of our day we could ever imagine. We have watched it so many times and to this day I still get quite teary thinking of it, let alone watching it. And we’ve shown it to loads of people . . . Even the most wary husbands who watch it because their wives want to, just rave about it after viewing.”

. . . Angie (Allison) Goebel, Tiburon, CA


“. . .  As we celebrated our 4-year anniversary this year, we broke out our video and watched it again. You did such an AWESOME job capturing that day for us. Of all the professionals we worked with for our wedding, you were the best, and we really appreciate the awesome work you did! . . . Four years later we are still very much in love, and really enjoy reminiscing about our favorite day!”

. . . Chris Randall, Pacific Grove, CA


“ . . . I was dancing in our living room just now!  You did a great job and I’m so thankful that you talked me into recording it!!!   I had a great time at the wedding, and just as good a time watching it again!”

     . . . Jennifer (Mrs. Michael) Eaton


“Everything was framed and balanced perfectly. The shots of the kids watching the video was priceless . . . it is no wonder you win awards. You are a true master of your art. We will treasure this video all of our lives.”

. . . Elaine, David & Benjy


“. . . it makes us cry every time. The emotion you filmed is truly priceless . . . This is the best memory of our wedding that we have.”

. . . Kristine and Jason Cambra, Sebastopol, CA