Diamond Cut Package

There is a reason why most brides use professional wedding videographers.

We are trained and experienced in the art and science of creating wedding videos with feeling. We know what to anticipate and capture throughout your day. And our work is dramatically better in terms of what you will experience when you relive your wedding day through your wedding video.

You WILL want to share your wedding day with family, friends, perhaps even your future children.  Your wedding video is the ONLY way to do it justice.

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The Wedding Tapestry

Imagine how you will feel . . .
. . . watching the carrying of the Torah once more. Seeing the blessings of family and friends. Hearing the young wisdom reflected in the reading and personal interpretation of the Haftorah. Experiencing the community of the Motsi, the emotion of the Candlelighting and the exuberance of the Hora again. Listening to the greetings, blessings, and messages for the Mitzvot from those celebrating this milestone. All these and more can be yours through professionally produced video.

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Sapphire & Ruby Packages

It’s important to chronicle major milestones in life, including a beloved’s passing, so it can be viewed by those unable to attend and revisited at a future time when emotions are not running so high.

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