Special memories,
of special people.

When it comes time to say goodbye to someone we care about, it becomes paramount to preserve in some fashion those things that we loved most about them. No matter what form a tribute or memorial might take, it’s essential that video be done with taste, sensitivity, and professionalism.

Photo Tributes

We can scan and assemble an entertaining, dynamic photo tribute very quickly, in as little as two days. This is NOT a static slide show, but a journey through a life with moving photos and music of your choice. A fabulous retrospective worth showing at any kind of gathering, and especially to savor afterwards.

Chance's Memorial

Memorial Services

Putting together a memorial service or Celebration of Life is so demanding that it's not surprising that capturing it on video doesn't even cross people's minds until it's too late. They don’t realize that this is likely to be the only time that this group of people will all be together again, ever. They don’t understand how little of the day they will remember when it’s over. Well that’s why we’re here – to preserve all the wonderful, loving things that get said, the joyful memories that are shared, so they can be shared with those unable to attend, or replayed later, when time has softened things a little. That’s when the value becomes most apparent.

Next Steps...

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