Your wedding video will be one of your most treasured possessions over the years, and we think it should be unique to the two of you.

For that reason, we offer a range of creative options so you can pick just those elements you want to be included in your video.

Growing Up Image Montage

From babyhood to courtship, your story told in pictures in a dynamic, romantic style, set to music of your choice. 25 photos or slides put together with music in elegant style. Great for showing at your reception (see also Big Screen Reception Kickoff.) We can add home video, too.

$100.00  Extra images $3/each.

Wedding Rehearsal & Rehearsal
Dinner Coverage

Three hours on location with the resulting footage edited into the opening sequence of the video.

$350.00  Overtime $100/hr.

Second Camera Reception Coverage

A second camera at the reception captures an alternate angle during the first dance and toasts – documents people’s reactions and expressions throughout your party. If you would like to truly see the love in peoples’ faces as they share your day, this is how you do it.  $300.00

Big Screen Reception Kickoff

Big screen projection of your Personal Love Story, or Growing Up or Heritage Montage. Includes setup and take-down.  A great way to introduce your First Dance!


Third Camera Ceremony Coverage

While the main and secondary cameras cover the main action, our third ceremony camera is quietly capturing intimate images of your parents, family and guests as they witness your union.