4K Ultra High-Definition

For those who want the ultimate in visual experience, we will record your wedding day in UHD (Ultra-Hi-Def) 4K resolution (4 times the detail of HD). In addition to Standard Def DVD and Blu-ray, your wedding video will be delivered to you in UHD on a flash drive ready for playback on a computer-driven system or UHD capable TV. Has the added benefit of improving the quality of your wedding video in lower-resolution formats and makes it possible to capture 4096x2304 photos directly from the video too. Note: all cameras in use must upgrade, we cannot mix 4K and standard HD cameras.   Cost: $350/camera

Diamond Love Story

A romantic pre-wedding “on location” shoot and interview revisiting your history together – and exploring your hopes for the future, produced in cinematic style to create a priceless family heirloom. A family heirloom and a marvelous way to kick off your wedding reception.       $1495.00

The Romantic Love Story

A wonderfully relaxed, artistic location shoot using creative camera techniques and skilled editing to preserve the romance just prior to your wedding day. Quirky and fun or simple and elegant, a tasteful reflection of the two of you. Show it at your reception and wow your friends and family.                                $1195.00

Wedding Day Edit

Dazzle your guests by showing highlights of your actual ceremony at your reception! Selected elements of your ceremony are edited, using music and your vows, into a short video to present to your guests during your reception. Your guests will feel like they are truly part of the action, and those who were only able to attend the reception will feel like they were really there. Please note that this option requires at least three hours time between ceremony and screening time to produce.          $1295.00

Bridal Elegance Video

Nothing represents a bride more dramatically on her wedding day than her bridal gown. Prior to the wedding we will create a stunning cinematic representation of you in your gown, set to music. Romantic, elegant and tastefully sensual — a great gift to the groom, or to parents.          $495.00